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Running a scan

Use the scan command with the -n (or --number) option.

phoneinfoga scan -n "+1 (555) 444-1212"
phoneinfoga scan -n "+33 06 79368229"
phoneinfoga scan -n "33679368229"

Special chars such as ( ) - + will be escaped so typing US-based numbers stay easy :

phoneinfoga scan -n "+1 555-444-3333"

Note that the country code is essential. You don't know which country code to use ? Find it here

Available scanners

See page related to scanners.

Launching the server

PhoneInfoga integrates a REST API along with a web client that you can deploy anywhere. The API has been written in Go and web client in Vue.js. The application is stateless, so it doesn't require any persistent storage.

See API documentation.

phoneinfoga serve
phoneinfoga serve -p 8080 # default port is 5000

You should then be able to visit the web client from your browser at http://localhost:<port>.

Running the REST API only

You can choose to only run the REST API without the web client :

phoneinfoga serve --no-client